Lyrics: K. Inojo and Unknown
Vocals: Yoshiki Fukuyama(Basara) and Chie Kajiura(Mylene)
Translated by Glen Kawano

*Just one rock & roll song
Reverberating to tomorrow
There's nothing to stop you
from reaching the rising sun over there.*

In that sky where we keep fighting
The aurora starts to descend
In that night of despair
You won't ever be alone

With just one word
You can decide your future
Our beat is like
a shining diamond
Into the true sky Into the true sky
Into the sky in which our lives shine

**Fly away, fly away
Let's climb so high
Try again, try again
Wave at yesterday

Fly away, fly away
As long as you believe
Try again, try again
I'll make you love tomorrow**

Just a moment's hesitation
Can make you blow your chance
Stay on target even in a raging storm
Come on try again! Come on try again!
You can surely do it again

Repeat **...**

Repeat *...*