Lyrics: K. Inojo
Vocals: Yoshiki Fukuyama and Chie Kajiura
Translated by Glen Kawano

Let's go--Let's punch right through to that dawn we saw in our dreams
Even though it's still so far...
Maybe something will come of this. With love, we can do anything.
If you listen to my song
It'll be easy
To make two hearts cross

*There's a Love Heart rushing through the night sky, carrying passionate thoughts
Shooting down the grief and anger
There's a Love Heart inside you too; Take it as your own, it's destiny
No matter how many hundred million light years it may be*, the Love Heart rushes on

Let's dance--even the stars are singing. We can keep going just a little longer.
Shake your wings and ROCK WITH ME
BABY We'll do something so don't let go
Listen to my song
Use your power
Don't give up until the very end!

**There's a Love Heart rushing for tomorrow; Tracing a bright red line
Spreading love and laughter throughout
Within everyone there's a Love Heart about to shower sparks, a telepathy...
The overflowing thoughts are swept back. The Love Heart rushes on.**

Repeat *...*
Repeat **...**