Lyrics: M. Meg
Vocals: Chie Kajiura
Translated by Glen Kawano

The stardust twinkles [um..baby]
It starts to circle the sky [FANTASY
A rainbow forms in the night [um baby yeah]
I start to walk among the seven colored stars
(The stardust twinkles [um..baby]
That which circles the sky [FANTASY]
Forming a rainbow in the night sky [um baby yeah]
Walking to star that sparkles seven colors)(注)

*Chase the blue wings of legend
Until the night ends [FLY FLY FLY]
Just like the free wind,
I sing with you a celestial melody.*
(Chasing the legendary blue wings
Until the night was over......
Like the unrestrained wind with you
The vast space [MELODY])

The drumbeats melt into [um maybe]
shooting stars in this strange paradise.
When the sleeping gentleness [um...maybe yeah]
slowly awakes, it begins to speak.

The orange flowers are above the clouds
Dancing as if they were swaying [Yeah Yeah Yeah]
The seven-color secrets floating up
are hidden memories.

Repeat *...*