Lyrics: Chie
Vocals: Chie Kajiura(Mylene Jenius)

That cold February wind has...
...disappeared, blown away.
Away to the distant horizon.
Just like your heart was carried away from me.

I think about your voice and I can...
...hear it echo through the stars above.
Your gentle eyes I see in the sky tonight.
Drawn with my love for you...

Where could it have vanished to?
As time drifts away... does it drift back to you?
Does it take these whispers I pray and... perhaps, take them, too?
Oh, I pray that the wind can... carry them off to you.

Can you see that the door you locked...
...on that day, with your words... the daylight faded away... is now fading away, too?
Please, try to see.

I think about that sweet voice of yours.
And with the tears forming in my eyes...
...I tremble just a bit and reach out my hand.
Reach out my hand to you...

Try to remember the time.
A time when the dreams I had... were your dreams, too.
Just try to feel, the words that are being born, in my heart and song!!

Oh, I pray the wind can...
...carry them off to you.
Carry them off to you.
Carry them off to you.