Lyrics: K. Inojo
Vocals: Yoshiki Fukuyama(Nekki Basara)

Power to the dream...

*Power to the dream!
Power to the music!
I just wanna get a new dream!
Power to the universe!
Power to the mystery!
I just wanna give our power to you!*

That hope I'd finally grabbed ahold of,
Has slipped away right through my fingers.
I'll keep right on chasing you,
To the bottom of the deepest black hole!

Power to the world!
Power to the lovers!
I just wanna see true love!
Power to the rainbow!
Power to the future!
Once you've given up, you may as well just die.

Those blazin' tracks a comet leaves in the sky,
Is what gives my melody the soul it has.
Nobody can live all alone.
Everybody needs somebody to love!

Repeat *...*

Power to the dream
Power to the music
Come on dream the power from you and me
Power to the universe
Power to the mistery
Come on dream the power from you and me. Yeah!