Lyrics: K. Inojo
Vocals: Yoshiki Fukuyama and Chie Kajiura in Duet Version
Translation by Hiroaki Fukuda

Let's get started, it's Saturday Night. How're you guys doing?
Let's stand up, do you feel the beat?
This is a flying paradise. A forgotten energy,
Now hurry up, and take it back.

No more wastin' time.
Before it fades away like a dream.

*Hey everybody! Aim at the light,
Let's Dance, Dancin' on the Planet Dance*

A liar sings a sad song of surrender
No thanks! You're of no help
Ever-changing constellations and invisible sweat and tears,
Bring courage into my heart.

No more wastin' love, don't ruin your love.
Someone must be looking only at you,

**Hey everybody! Straight from your heart,
Let's Shout! Jumpin' on the Planet Dance!**

NO MORE WASTIN' LOVE I want to love you
This beat that I send to you into the future

Repeat *...*

Repeat **...**

HEY EVERYBODY! (repeat x4)