Lyrics: M. Meg
Composition: Miki Kawano
Arrangement: Atsutaka Kawachi
Vocals: Chie Kajiura

Our voices synchronize like falling in love and kissing
My heart is always here for you
But oh! I wonder what your shining eyes,
are searching for? Oh! My friends

*I'm going to run with you, to a star where our dreams are
When we look at each other, everything will become real.*

(TV Version ends here)

My strong self that never shows any tears, Oh! FACE
That which would be fine no matter what I was told
Nowadays him, until he becomes heavy hearted
Stares into the far distance, Oh! MY FRIENDS

Searching with you, carrying a map of the future
If we keep running on, we should reach it

Until we grasp our dreams, is how long we should keep running on
Once we feel it, our dreams should be right here with us

Repeat *...*