LOVE SONG (Basara Version)

Lyrics: K.Inojo
Vocals: Yoshiki Fukuyama
Translated by Koji Kiyokawa

So many things I do not know,
but still making it through,
Ah~ that's why we need the words, I love you.

Hopeless nights,
hopeless days,
Ah~ reach out and stand by me, I love you.

Ah~ Today, tomorrow, until the end of time,
I want to pass on, I want to keep feeling,
my deepest of feelings.

From me to you, from you onto someone else,
the world starts revolving,
all conflicts come to an end.

That's the love song.

Loved somebody,
and we laughed so much,
Ah~ where did the love go? I love you.

Nothing to cry about,
eternity never too long,
Ah~ I shall not forget, I'll always wait for you, I love you.

Ah~ Whatever happens, anywhere, any time,
I believe, and I want to show you,
that feeling of my heart,
sky to sky, dream to dream,
will never let you go,
an easy language...

That's the love song.