Light the light

Lyrics: K. Inojo
Composition: TSUKASA
Vocals: Yoshiki Fukuyama(Nekki Basara) and Chie Kajiura(Mylene Jenius)
Translated by Koji Kiyokawa

God is too busy at the moment, he cannot lend us a hand
this world is a bit weird
like a merry-go round

not everything can be good
sometimes the storm comes

love will save your heart
the honest eyes sketching dreams
love will save this world
someday we will see the light

in a city that balances
sadness and smiles
stopped and looked up, the sky goes on forever
a long and winding road

power of a person can be weak
but it's not so bad after all.

love will save your heart
with a brave heart, untainted eyes
love will save this world
be there by your side forever
remember that

the bells ringing from the distance
awaken by miracles