I'm everything

Lyrics: Minako Aoyagi
Composition/Arrangement: Nittoku Inoue
Translated by Ben Wood

Why're you lookin' at me that way?! Gonna say "Fuck you" with my fists!
Make you sorry you ever saw me! A fly's got more brains than you!

Big bad honours student! So stuck up...
Go to hell!!

I am everything! You're the idiot!
I am everything! I'll show you right now!

What the hell's that smile for?! Gonna grab you and spit out in yer face!
Gonna lay you out on the ground! You look like a fat big to me!

Expensive clothes, expensive food, expensive homes...
Fuck it all!

I am everything! You're the pig!
I am everything! Gonna make you eat my fist!

What the hell's with that attitude?! Gonna kick ya in the face!
Gonna shut you up completely! And I got athelete's foot!

You pans-assed narcissist! You gay little boy...
Go to hell!

I am the world! And that's everything!
I am the world! And that's everything!