Holy lonely light

yrics: K. Inojo
Vocals: Yoshiki Fukuyama(Nekki Basara) and Chie Kajiura(Mylene Jenius)
Translation by Koji Kiyokawa

Running through the night in the 24 hr city,
On the Emergency stairs, a group of eyes seek the sign of times.

Even the brightest and the bluest diamond
can turn to glass, beware.

Holy lonely light, hurry, believe in yourself
Heavy lonely night, seek the answer from the dark

Won't give up this love, even for the whole universe.
What is the truth? What is superficial? Sometimes we just don't know.

staring at each other, morning is yet to come,
Want to hold you, just for tonight, relight my fire..

Holy lonely light, burn my soul,
Heavy lonely night, hearts shouldn't look back.