...Dakedo Baby!!

Lyrics: Chie Kajiura
Vocals: Chie Kajiura(Mylene Jenius)
Translation by Koji Kiyokawa

*But baby
I'm still unsatisfied
If I cannot feel the love all through my body, bye bye
But baby
It's still still insufficient
The heart starts to go around radically
ah ha?*

Always the same kiss
Seems to attack me
He likes baby dolls
Cannot escape from his deeply locked heart

Laughing under the sun just like anyday
You are a very kind gentleman

repeat *...*

When I say "better than anybody"
It's a bit clich└ (It's all in the manual?)
Don't you want to do something new?
If we go on like this
I'm going to breakdown...

The night is a catalyst melting words
I wave my hands there.

With wet eye's find the mystery of the dark
Find me
And take me to the distant space
Just me