Vocals: Yoshiki Fukuyama(Nekki Basara)
Translated by Ben Wood

You should be able to faintly hear it, if you listen carefully,
There, that voice
Transmitting to you something which can't be communicated by mere words,
Something you always feel, that is the voice of the Angel

As though soaked in darkness, the melody disapears
Leaving only an echo
Fall quietly into a deep blue aurora
I'll sing as well!

I have something I believed in,
And even though people said it was stupid
My dream from that time was unchanging

I found Angel Voice beyond the horizon
Shining to lead me
Your appearance was not a dream
The flows flow onward
Someday we will meet again!
If you close your eyes
Then Angel Voice will reverberate forever in your heart

Your heart will change, like your surroundings,
There is no helping that
Because Gods are somehow whimsical
Don't rely on them

Let's keep on running!
Surely it is not yet time to stand still?
I want to arrive, beyond this darkness

I felt Angel Voice, the beat of a distant heart
Unite the rhythms
Finally we were able to meet here
The way you look now is burned into those eyes
Even in the most oppressive night Angel Voice will surely give you strength

Wow wow wow

Can't you always hear it, if you listen carefully?
There, that voice, that is the voice of the Angel