Lyrics: K. Inojo
Composition: Atsutaka Kawachi
Arrangement: Atsutaka Kawachi
Vocals: Yoshiki Fukuyama
Translation Copyright 1995 Glen Kawano

When I look up at the purple panoramic galactic highway
It's like a shooting star through my soul [heart]
When the racing heartbeats build up in this city that never sleeps
It's time to pray for the unseen future

I begin to hear that melody
And that mysterious voice just won't let me go

*Oh tell me seventh moon, what this burning in my heart is...
Where are you trying to take me?
Shaking blue seventh moon, shake to the rhythm
I'm just trying to find answers in this crazy dance*

Look at the silver dome projecting it's sunny sky
As you search your thirsty soul
I begin to hear the melody
My unwavering strength comes back to me

**Oh answer me seventh moon, tell me the secret of this power
What kind of rainbows do you cast?
Seventh moon, melting in the darkness, time just keeps on flowing
The dream we lost will come alive again someday**

The parade will keep going on... Wake up to the new day

Repeat *...*

Repeat **...**

Repeat *...*