Fire Bomber American

Endlessly shining on like stardust(ooh baby)
Making my world seem like a special fantasy
The colors of rainbows fall around you (ooh baby yeah)
Leading to the light
of that special night flight
on seven colored stars to the moon

*On the wings of legends searching for good news
in a sky midnight blue
Till the dawn of morning comforts me(fly,fly,fly)
Listening as the future opens to the universe
As it brings new sounds to an old melody ooh~*

My heartbeat is bound to catch the rythmn(um maybe)
Listening to sounds in a mysterious paradise
Gently carress me while I'm sleeping(um maybe yeah)
As I slow wake
Speaking of a new day
I'll do anything I want to do

Dancing through bright colored flowers in the sky
on a natural high
Reaching out to catch time as it passes me
Soon the secret colors of midnight seem to find me fast
All I have to last is the sweet memory

Repeat *...*