Fire Bomber American

Everytime I'm here memories take control
Expressing all the dreams I had and never told
The stars are out at night and the winds so cold
Remembering my yesterday of being young and bold

REMEMBER-Making plans under the blue sky
SIXTEEN-In my innocence just running
Wild and free never care what the world says about me

*I will never forget times when I would always find
The time for watching the sun rise in the sky
With such power and such speed knowing I'd always succeed
Nothing that I couldn't do*, remember 16

I think about the first time I look in your eyes
It was so very clear that love had caught me by surprise
The feeling in my heart told me this was right
But then you waved your hand and you just said good-bye

REMEMBER-All the feeling it was true bliss
SIXTEEN-The experience of my first kiss
My heart beat just like thunder knowing we'd be together

**I still have that passion for you, but times it makes me blue
And times its made me wonder where you've gone to
But I'll think of days that I would scream dreams will come true for you
And you'd be with me too**, remember 16

Times have changed
Were not the same and feelings did subside
But we never should forget
In the moment that we met
In our younger times
True love our hearts did find

Repeat **...**

Repeat *...*

Repeat **...**