Fire Bomber American

If you were the wind
My dream would be to be the sky
If you were the sun
I'd never let the clouds roll by

Can't you see that my love for you
It would be everything you need
As I stand and watch you play your guitar
My mind it reaches for the stars

*Come on people
Won't you feel the way that I with you
Don't ever worry
When you turn around I'll be there for you

Come on people
Lifes to short to settle for less
When you need me
I'll be there dedicating my soul* for you

On your journey
If you get lost I'll guide your moves
In your weakness
I'll be the one who's holding you

All my energy I give to you
So you will never be alone
There's a special song I'll sing for you
Saying my love goes on and on

**Come on people
Don't worry there's no need to fear
If you'll be faithfull
I'll be there...

Come on people
The way to me is all so clear
It's so simple
Say the words, I'll believe my soul for you**

Repeat *...*

Repeat **...**

Come on people

Come on people

Come on people