Fire Bomber American

When We call out to each other
Just like lovers ending with a kiss
People say sisters and brothers
But my heart knows better
I want to give in to this

Is there really magic
Do dreams and wishes turn to life
It would be fantastic to me, oh my friends

*Running with you through my dream start
These dreams can come true if we take a chance
I'll be strong, won't ever give up
I won't let you see the tears on my face*

Now you're looking for another
But you keep me hanging on just in case
I keep trying to recover
Try to find a trace of love for me in your face

If I keep on looking
Will you be there to show me the way
I would be so happy with you, oh my friends

**I'll keep looking to the future
The truth is there if you'll open your heart
We were meant to be together
If not to be lovers, just to be friends**

Repeat *...*

Repeat **...**