Fire Bomber American

Looking through the galaxy
Searching for the shooting star that went through my heart
Then left me, I maybe
Searching for the rest of my life

Still awake as the city sleeps
As my heart beats louder and faster, wanting peace
Beats over, and over
This feeling just wont let me be

*When I pray down on my knees
The same melody
With the same sweet voice sings to my heart
The future I won't let you see

**Oh please tell me won't you 7th moon
bout this feeling that I can't get rid of
Where is it leading to
I need to know, want to be free
I look to you my blue 7th moon
As I dance on the road you lay fore me
Putting all my fath in you
I know you'll take good care of me**
Seventh moon*

Tell me about the great mystery
Why power surges through the day and then disappers
into the night, Its not right
That lost dreams never comes to the light

Repeat *...*

Don't just let me wonder
What is my next move
Take my hand I'll follow you
Dancing to the groove

Repeat **...** 3 times

Seventh moon