Tread the Lightless Night

Lyrics: Ishikawa Masatoshi
Composition: Fukuyama Yoshiki
Arrangement: Wada Haruhiko, HUMMING BIRD
Vocals: Fukuyama Yoshiki

Even knowing it won't be enough,
are you still going to seek out eternity?
Linked for a brief moment
in the void between sinner and saint...

This world
that's colored with endless mistakes
changes into a petrified forest,
weaving a sad legend.

Someday, our bodies all turn into the wind
and return to the earth...
But where do our hearts go?
People don't know the answer to that.
And so they walk on,
treading the lightless night.

Embraced by the deep darkness,
hidden tears fall.
As if to pity the city of rubble below,
the flame of the moon flickers.

There's no distinction between love and desire
in this world.
Even though they know it's an illusion, people keep
chasing after something which will heal their hearts,
as if they were searching for
a truth to replace the pain.

Even knowing it won't be enough, they keep searching,
making their limited lives echo loftily...
Even if my soul keeps wandering until it
turns into the wind and returns to the earth, I don't mind
And so,
people walk on again,
treading the lightless night.